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Welcome back! This is the second part of our quick guide on how to begin appreciating wine. In part one, we went over the basics of how to smell and sip wine to best detect the subtle scents and flavors within the wine. We ended by suggesting newcomers begin with a semi-dry white wine, as a good starting point.

In this part, we’ll dig deeper into white wines: types, flavors to expect, and the best types to look at when you buy wine online.

Learning To Appreciate White Wines

So, why start with white wines? Because generally speaking, they’re lighter and easier to appreciate than red wines. Red wines tend to be very rich and full of complicated flavors which are difficult for newcomers to appreciate. By being a bit simpler, it’s easier to learn wine tasting with whites.

Here are some tips:

1. Read plenty of reviews

Wine reviews are everywhere online and make it easier to know what to expect. This is helpful for beginners. If several people describe a wine as having hints of berries and vanilla, you’ll know what to pay attention to as you taste it.

2. Don’t spend too much at first

You do not need to spend a hundred dollars to get a wonderful bottle of white wine! Plenty of great options are available at much more reasonable price points. If you’re new to buying wine online, it’s better to order a few cheaper bottles so you have a variety to try out, rather than a single expensive bottle.

Again, reviews will help you find good deals.

3. Semi-sweet is good for training the mouth

Many people dislike dry wines on first taste, while extremely sweet wines tend to be pretty one-note. (Although they can be delicious with dessert!) So, a semi-dry white helps you train your palette while exposing you to the range of flavors available.

4. Take your time

Good wine should be sipped, not gulped. If you’re just looking to get drunk, there’s plenty of other alcohol online that will do the trick. The point of wine appreciation is to slowly work your way through the glass, enjoying each sip and the unique flavors it presents. Plus, as a newcomer, each small drink gives you new opportunities to practice picking up on flavors.

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