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In the first part of the winemaking series blogs from Rollers Wine & Spirits, we discussed how grapes are grown, harvested, and transported to the winery. Here we delve into some of the details when it comes to making different types of wines. Don’t forget, to order wine online, we offer a great selection of all of today’s leading vintages from around the world.

Here is some in-depth info about how each of today’s most popular whites, reds, and other wines are made!

Making a White Wine

When making white wine, winemakers press the juice out of the grape and the liquid is transported to a tank so the fermentation process can begin. Often, for top-shelf wines, the grape must is left to float in the tank for several hours to rid the wine of impurities and create a unique flavor. Afterward, the must is removed and the liquid is transferred to another tank where the fermentation process is closely controlled at a temperature of approximately 68-75º.

Making a Rosé

To make a rosé, both the grape must and liquid are placed into a tank and macerated. The skins are also left in the tank for several hours to create the unique flavor and add color to the rosé. Later, the must and skins are removed and the pure liquid is placed into another fermentation chamber where it’s fermented at a constant temperature in the same way white wines are made.

Creating a Red Wine

To create red wines, winemakers process all of the grape including the must and skins, as well as the liquid. Depending on the type of red wine that will be made, the liquid will be left for several hours or days and then the must and skins are removed or left to age for a long period of time to create unique flavors that boast a much more complex structure. Because the goal for red wines is to extract as many nutrients and substances as possible from the must and skins, it’s fermented at a much higher temperature (approx. 86º) than other wines.

So, Do I Know How to Make Wine Now?

In this two-part blog series, we’ve discussed the basics of winemaking. However, it’s an extremely complicated and nuanced process that can take years to perfect, especially if trying to develop a unique wine that boasts a flavor palette unlike any other.

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