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Thanks to online delivery, anyone can order wine and have it delivered directly to your door.  There’s never been a better time to explore the wonderful world of wines and learn to enjoy this great drink like an expert sommelier. 

Wine appreciation is fun and easier than you might think.  We’ve got a few tips to help you get started!

How To Truly Enjoy A Bottle Of Wine

1 – Check the bottle for issues

When you order wine online, the seller will go to every possible length to protect the bottle in transit, but accidents can happen.  You’ll want to check the bottle and its top for signs of problems before drinking.  In particular:

  • A bulging cork indicates heat damage or problems with the seal.  Do not drink!
  • A soaked cork, when removed, suggests that the wine has spoiled.  The cork should be tinted by the wine, but not soaked in its color.  Give it a sniff first though.
  • A stuck cork, where part of the cork breaks off in the neck, suggests the wine didn’t get enough oxygen.  It’s probably drinkable but won’t be at its best.

2 – Using the right glass

There are numerous different types of wine glasses, which each give a slightly different experience and are better for different types of wine.  Generally speaking, red wines – especially those with a full body – are best from glasses with a wide rim and large bowl.  White wines or sparkling wines should be sipped from taller, U-shaped glasses that focus the aroma and help keep the wine chilled.

3 – Temperature

Red wines can be served at room temperature, although they are typically best when slightly chilled, around 55-65 degrees F.  White wines should be fully chilled in a refrigerator (never a freezer!) until they’re in the 40s.  Never drink room-temperature white wine; it spoils the subtle flavors.

4 – Decanting

Wine should always be given a chance to breathe (aerate and receive oxygen) before you drink it.  The best way to do this is to pour it into a decanter before drinking.  If you don’t have a decanter, open the bottle early, and give it a few good swirls to mix more air into the liquid.

5 – Sniff before drinking

The bouquet (aroma) of the wine is as important as its taste!  Before sipping, take a moment to smell and enjoy the bouquet wafting up from the wine.  This will enhance your experience, and help you discern the subtle flavors of your wine.

6 – Sip and swirl

Finally, wine is best drunk in smaller sips, especially at first.  Sip it, then swirl the wine around in your mouth so that you can taste all the flavors.  Focus on picking out specific elements in the flavor profile, and you’ll be a wine expert in no time!

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