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The Wine Lovers Guide to Alsace Wines

Tue, Feb 14, 23

Nestled right on the border of Germany and France, the Alsace region is unique in the way its food and beverage culture draws from both these two distinct locations. If you’re a wine lover looking to try some unique blends, then exploring wines from the Alsace region is a great way to build up your foundational wine knowledge, impress your friends, and learn more about the fascinating history of wines from that region. Whether you’re buying in person or ordering wine for online delivery, check out these tips for what kind of wines from the Alsace region might be right for you. 


Where is Alsace?

The capital of Alsace is Strasbourg, and the region itself is situated along the Rhine River in the easternmost part of France. On the other side of the Rhine River is the German wine region Baden which produces grapes and beverages in a similar style. The geography of the region is also differentiated by the varying levels of elevation, with the vineyards closer to Strasbourg on a higher elevation compared to the lower slopes of the Vosges Mountains in the south. The southern slopes, also known as the Haut-Rhin area, are where many of the most prestigious Alsatian vineyards can be found. 


What are the Alsace Wine Characteristics?

According to the experts, Alsatian wines are all about the heady aromas. The common process of wine production in Alsace does not regularly use oak aging to enhance aroma and richness. Instead, Alsatian winemakers use strategic ripeness and alcohol balance to enhance aromas and flavors. Alsatian wines also commonly carry strong floral and peachy undertones. Their potent aromas mean that they pair well with fish, shellfish, and savory white meat. The acidity of Alsace wines provides a great accent to the taste of a rich meal, helping to lighten the richness, along with offering a delicious texture. 


Different Types of Alsace Wines

Within the Alsace Region, there are 51 Grand Crus. The Grand Cru refers to the top classification of French wine and indicates a winery or vineyard that produces high-quality vintages. One of the most famous wines emerging from the Alsace region is the “dry Riesling.” The Rieslings from this region challenge the traditional perception of the sweet Riesling and offer a delicious dry wine with a heady aroma in response. Other common wines produced in the region include Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer, and Crémant d’Alsace. This last wine has been growing more popular in recent years and is a great affordable alternative to true champagne, yet is produced in the same traditional method! 


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By Paige Lorberbaum