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LOVE OR HATE...the Choice is YOURS!

Mon, Aug 29, 22

Written by Stephanie Skager, Certified Sommelier & Rollers Store Manager

One of wine’s greatest attributes for me is the story behind them, and how they came to be “bottled artwork”. Someone is working meticulously from the time the vines are put into the ground, in hopes of creating their Mona Lisa. When a winery adds original artwork to their labels, it takes the intrigue to an entirely different level.

The fact that we are stimulating all 5 senses in the minuscule action of enjoying a glass of wine, is pretty cool. Unfortunately, in our busy lives we don’t always slow down enough to appreciate the experience. My New Year’s Resolution was to do just that, slow down and appreciate the special little moments that create my life and shape my experiences.

Since we added the Jolie Laide to our shelves, the labels have mystified and inspired me. With Valentine’s Day approaching, my eye is drawn to the Gamay Noir label.


I have always found a kind of “Love is Blind” romance to the picture. I am a newlywed with a happy, healthy, super adorable toddler at home. I look forward to spending the evenings with my family every day. Things are pretty darn good on my end. Had things been different, if I was single or even worse, heartbroken this Valentine’s Day, I might interpret the art differently. I might see jealously and rage, as if the faces had been scratched out by a third party out of hatred, but of course art, like wine, is all about individual perception, and I choose love.

The artwork for the 2017 vintage of the Jolie Laide wines was created by a London Based artist named Alma Haser.

She manipulates her traditional photographs by using mixed media, paper folding techniques, and collage to create inventive pieces that captivate the mind. Moving past the label, the wines of Jolie Laide are created to celebrate their individual vintage; making no 2 bottlings the same. This unique process utilizes high growing elevation, carbonic maceration, and old school foot trodden crushing to create a Gamay that is fresh, adorned with notes of wild strawberry and cranberry, and layered with sweet violet and rose petal. It is perfect as a cocktail wine or to enjoy with pasta, mushrooms, grilled foods, poultry, or chocolate.

No matter your relationship status this Valentine’s day, I wish you the ability to enjoy the small pleasures in your life. May you find beauty and love in your experiences, and most importantly, always find your glass half full. Cheers!