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How to Make the Best Romantic Dinner Ever with the Perfect Wine? (Part 2)

Mon, Feb 06, 23

If you’re looking for the best way to romance your partner with an amazing dinner, then knowing what wine to get is a great place to start! In Part 1 of How to Make the Best Romantic Dinner Ever with the Perfect Wine we explored some of the most popular types of red wine, why red wine makes for such a romantic dinner beverage, and how to pair red wines with the right food. In Part 2, we’ll explore during what occasions sparkling wine, white wine, or rosé might be a better option. Whether you’re looking to order wine online or find a special bottle in person, we’ve got some great tips to help make sure you’re choosing the right drink for your special occasion.

 Sparkling for Special Occasions

If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, then sparkling wine might just be the way to go. In general, many sparkling wines have a light fruity taste, which can be an exciting flavor when paired with carbonation. Sparkling wine, or champagne, is commonly utilized as a celebratory beverage to mark a special occasion- whether that might be an anniversary, an engagement, a life accomplishment, or simply as symbolic of you and your partner’s love for one another. Because of this common association, it can often be used to elevate an evening and make it that much more romantic. For example, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying a nice bottle of sparkling wine and ordering from your partner’s favorite take-out restaurant for a dinner at home. When it comes to romantic beverages, sparkling wine says you want to celebrate the love you share with your partner. 

White Wines for Warm Nights

White wines, or wines that come from colder regions of the world, have an elegance and a freshness to them. For those special occasion dinners on a hot summer day, a delicious glass of crisp white wine will make the perfect pairing for a romantic dinner. Similarly to many of our reds, white wine is also extremely versatile when it comes to food pairings. Generally, white wine pairs best with chicken and fish because the acids in the wine enhance the taste, making your meal seem lighter and fresher. 

Romancing with Rosé 

If you’re looking for another extremely versatile wine that will also add a bit of fun to your romantic meal, then a rosé might be just the ticket. Rosé pairs well with many different types of foods and can be enjoyed at either a romantic dinner or for something more casual such as a fun summer barbecue. For those who might not be regular drinkers, a rosé is a great option due to its low-calorie and cholesterol makeup. If you’re opting for a rose, try pairing it with foods such as cheese, fruit, vegetables, or pasta.

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By Paige Lorberbaum