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From the Vine to the Bottle: How Wine is Made (Part 1)

Thu, Dec 08, 22

When it comes to wine, many winemakers have been creating their wine the same way for decades, if not centuries. When you order wine online, it’s important to understand that A LOT goes into making even a single bottle of wine. That’s why the team from Rollers Wine & Spirits has collected this helpful guide on winemaking for you.

Here’s part one, so be sure to check in the coming weeks for the second part in our series as well!

Making a Wine (The First Steps)

Before settling upon what type of wine you want to make and the grapes you’ll be harvesting each year, it’s important to understand the importance of several things. First, the climate where you will be growing will have a large impact on the soil quality and grapes. For example, how often does it rain? You’ll need to calculate the annual rainfall to make sure it’s in line with the grapes you want to grow. Also, pruning, cutting, and harvesting properly each year will set you up for a good yield the following year.

Using Healthy Grapes

The health of your grapes will play a huge role in the taste and quality of your wine. This means that whichever type of grape you’ve chosen to plant, it will need to remain pest-free, as well as free of diseases and chemicals throughout the year for a flavorful wine.

Ripening Your Grapes

The grape ripening process also determines the flavor and type of your wine; for sweeter wines, grapes will need to be ripened accordingly and it will take longer for the sugars to break down. A good wine will boast a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.

Transporting Your Grapes

After harvesting your yield of grapes, transporting them to where you’ll be processing them will be an important step. This is because any type of bruising or damage will affect the overall flavor of your wine. You’ll also need to maintain a steady, low temperature to prevent the fermentation process of the grapes from beginning prematurely.

The Arrival of Your Grapes at the Winery

When your grapes have arrived at your winery, it’s then time to create your wine. Depending on what type of wine you’re producing (white, red, or rosé) the process can be very different.

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By Paige Lorberbaum