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Find out Why Everyone is Loving Carbonic Wines (Part 2)

Wed, Mar 08, 23

Are you looking to buy some wine online, but aren’t really sure what selection to go with? Try checking out some carbonic wines- a delicious and unique style of red wine that’s perfect for spring and summer. Carbonic wines are fascinating in both the process by which they are made as well as in their unique lightness and flavoring. Our wine experts spoke a little bit about the process that makes carbonic wines in the first part of this series Find out Why Everyone is Loving Carbonic Wines (Part 1). Now we’re here to tell you more about the unique flavor profiles and grapes of carbonic wines, and why you should order wine for yourself today!


Carbonic Wine Tasting Notes

Traditionally, the process by which red wine is created in regular fermentation produces wines that are high in tannins. This is because tannin and the deep rich red color come from the grape skins. In contrast, because carbonic wines spend less time in direct contact with the grape skin, they are low in tannins and less deep in color. This leads to a wine that is lighter and higher in acidity than your traditional red wine. 


Grapes Used in Carbonic Wine

As we mentioned in Part 1 of this series, carbonic maceration began with the Gamay grape which was popular in the Beaujolais region of France. In recent decades, many natural winemakers have begun to experiment with using different grapes with the carbonic maceration process, and that has led to some unique new flavor profiles in terms of carbonic wines. 


One of the biggest draws for wine lovers to carbonic wines is that it’s the perfect beverage for red wine lovers in the spring and summertime. When it starts to get warm outside, pairing a lighter carbonic wine with your meal is a great way to enjoy some red wine flavor without the heaviness and high alcohol content of your traditional red. 


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By Paige Lorberbaum