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Female Winemakers are Making Waves

Wed, May 03, 23

Like with many industries across the globe, the art of winemaking and the business of wine production has been historically dominated by men. In recent decades, however, this gender divide has been slowly shifting towards equality, with more women than ever emerging in the industry as powerhouses. To learn more about the incredible women in wine for online sales and in-person buying, check out the overview below!


Women Winemakers of History

Throughout the history of winemaking, there have been some dynamite women who have floored the world with their talent and creativity. Perhaps one of the most famous is Barbe-Nicole Cliquot Pnsardin, also known as Veuve Clicquot, the Grande Dame of Champagne. Madame Clicquot was widowed at the age of 27 in 1805 and took over her husband’s wine business. Under her leadership, the company adopted innovative champagne techniques and remains a household name to this day. 


Another incredible female winemaker of history was Hannah Weinberger who became the first female winery owner and winemaker in Napa Valley after her husband died in 1882. She ran the Weinberger winery until Prohibition in the 1920s, and the winery remains on the National Register of Historic Places to this day.


Stats on Female Winemakers

According to ongoing research done through Santa Clara University, out of the approximately 4200 wineries in California, around 14% of them reported a woman as their lead winemaker in their 2020 study. Additionally, the research also reports that the percentage of lead women winemakers and winery owners comes in at around 12%. While these numbers are certainly on the rise overall, there is still major room for improvement across all areas of female leadership within the wine industry. As Eden Foley, Chief of Staff and Creative Director for Realm Cellars in Napa Valley put it, "there's always work to do around equality."


Notable Female Powerhouses in the Wine World

Excitingly enough, the wine industry has seen some incredible women across the globe punch through the glass ceiling and make a huge name for themselves with their creative techniques and delicious vintages. Here are some examples of women all over the world who have become powerhouse names in the wine industry over the past few decades:


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By Paige Lorberbaum