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10 Tips for Food & Wine Pairing (Part 2)

Mon, Feb 06, 23

In our previous blog, we spoke about how important it is to pair fattier foods with stronger wines, and how overpowering some desserts can be when compared to certain wines. Here the team from Rollers Wines & Spirits delves deeper into the best food and wine pairings in this second series of our blog of tips for preparing the perfect food/wine combo! 

1. Fruit Dishes and Fruitier Wines are a Winning Combination

Fruitier wines like Rieslings, Moscato, and sweeter white wines will almost always pair well with dishes topped with fruit. For example, sweet pork and apple chutney, or a similar dish, will always work well with a fruitier wine. 

2. Don’t Go Overboard 

With simpler meals, there’s no reason to pair them with a top-shelf wine. Often, the flavors may clash, and a much simpler wine can actually be tastier. Wine can go well with nearly any meal, but if you’re thinking of making a simple sandwich for dinner, you may want to save that special reserve batch for another time. 

3. When to Mirror & When to Contrast 

The great thing about food and wine pairings is that you can either choose to mirror a particular flavor or spice of a dish or offer a contrasting flavor that will create a unique balance. Think of richer meals, like lobster in cream sauce; using a Chardonnay is a great way to mirror the succulent flavors; or, a crisp, dry wine will balance them out and create a contrast. 

4. Some Wines are More Flexible than Others 

Not every type of wine is flexible when it comes to food. For example, white wines like Chardonnay often contain so much alcohol and such oak flavor that they can be overpowering with food. You’re much better off with a sauvignon blanc or Riesling. For red wines, try choosing something along the lines of a simple Italian red or Portland or California burgundy. 

5. Delicate Wines Go with Delicate Dishes; Bold, with Bold

It only makes sense that if you serve a delicate wine with a spicy or extremely savory dish, things are going to seem out of place and that wine might seem a little more like water. On the flipside, bolder dishes and red meats require something more forceful, so always be mindful of this when creating your pairings. 

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