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10 Tips for Food & Wine Pairing (Part 1)

Mon, Feb 06, 23

When it comes to dining, pairing food and wine is a great way to enjoy a good meal, as well as experience new and exciting flavors. However, not every dish goes well with every type of wine, which is why wine and food pairings are so important. 

If you plan on preparing a meal to serve with wine, then having a few tips on hand can certainly help. Here Rollers Wine & Spirits has collected some great rules for food and wine pairing! 

1. Pair Fatty Foods with More Intense Wines 

When it comes to food with more fat content, like dishes with lots of cream, butter, or animal fat, a more intense wine will always be an ideal choice. This is because a richer, more concentrated wine will not only stand up to more intense flavors, but those flavors will balance out the tannins in richer wines. 

2. Pair More Acidic Wine with Saltier Dishes 

Saltier dishes and more acidic wines go well together because it creates a unique, but well-balanced contrast. That’s why Asian dishes are often served with more acidic wines and things like saltier fish, serviced with white wine or champagnes. 

3. Always Consider Umami 

Umami isn’t simply a buzzword used by restauranteurs; it’s an important component of creating a well-rounded meal that hits your taste buds in all the right places. Often referred to as the fifth sense, umami adds an extra punch of deliciousness to your food. Meals cooked with soy sauce, red meats, mushroom dishes, and particular cheeses can be extra special when paired with the proper wine. 

4. Salty & Sweet 

With saltier dishes, another great way to go is to pair them with sweeter wines, such as Rieslings or ports, which are often served with cheeses. 

5. There’s Such a Thing as Too Sweet 

Be careful when mixing sweet wines and sweet dishes, as it can become a little overwhelming. This is because often, a dessert will be much sweeter when paired with wine, especially if it’s a sweet wine. That’s why when pairing desserts with wines, more tart desserts always pair better with sweeter wines. 

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